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Run Club

Runners’ Edge offers the most comprehensive running experience in Niagara. From the beginner runner, to the veteran runner looking to achieve their personal best, and everyone in between. There is a place for everyone here at The Edge! We can help you train for any event from the 5K to marathon, or simply just allow you to maintain your running fitness. Training in a group will help you stay motivated, share experiences, build personal bonds, and have fun. Let us help you reach your lifestyle and running goals.

We constantly will promote the importance of running for your physical and mental well-being. Helping you achieve your goals in a safe and supportive environment is always our end game. Our run club embraces one simple concept: commitment, community, and fun! 

* One Year (calendar year)
* 6 Months
* 3 Months
* Saturdays Only (calendar year)
* Youth Run Club - starts age 12+ (Fees vary depending on level - please contact us) 

We do offer a 2-week trial period before committing to a membership. Please contact us if you are interested! 

All runs are from Runners' Edge (111 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines)

Tuesday   9am  |  6:30pm
Thursday  9am  |  6:30pm
Saturday  8am

* summer start times may vary
* all members to be notified by email of a time change or location change

Session times vary depending on the season and time of year (please contact us) 


Each session is coached by an Athletics Ontario certified coach (Benny Ralston - Head Coach) 

We start with a full dynamic warm-up routine to prevent injury. 

We do weekly specialized workouts every Tuesday - interval/speed training or hill training.

Runners’ Edge prides itself in our sense of community and family. Our run club is extremely diverse in ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. There is a place for everyone! We also host numerous charity and club gatherings throughout the year.


I walk, can this help me too? Absolutely! We have many past runners that have now become walkers due to injuries or life changes.

What are you waiting for? Become a Running Club Member today!

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