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Shoe Review - Saucony Guide 15

  • Posted on
  • By Leslie Ralston
Shoe Review - Saucony Guide 15

I highly anticipated the release of the new Saucony Guide 15 that officially dropped on March 15th of this year.

The reason for my excitement to try the Guide 15 was twofold. One, as a runner I was looking to try something new on the performance side of things that offered maximum support while at the same time a smooth ride. Two, as a person who stands on their feet all day long, I was looking for an everyday shoe that is not only supportive and comfortable but also looks stylish. The Guide 15 was shaping up to be what was looking like the answer to my prayers.

On the performance side of things, the Guide has been a tried, tested, and true friend over the years to me, the over-pronator. I have always been a big fan of the Guide and have felt a certain loyalty to it as it was my first real pair of “running shoes” that I was properly fitted for back in the day. Over the years I have had my fair share of clunkers and it has become my preference to stay away from the heavy and chunky models of shoes in the stability world. This is where the Guide 15 has progressed in leaps and bounds.   

The Guide 15 significantly improves on its predecessors in most respects and is a reliable stable daily training ride. One of the most noticeable improvements right out of the gate is the softer and lighter midsole (PWRRUN) and the higher stack of cushioning. A much-appreciated feature that helps cushion the blow of harsh impact, yet still offers an incredibly smooth ride from heel to toe. In terms of fit, the midsole has been designed to create a deeper footbed which allows you to sit into the shoe as opposed on top of it which provides a performance oriented and supportive fit. This shoe has been my trusted companion for the long haul of the weekend miles, while at the same time be the workhorse for speed workouts and hill training.

The Guide 15 fulfills my footwear wish list on the everyday side of things too. Support, cushion and style! As I am getting up there in age, I can physically feel my arches dropping with each passing day. As I stand all day long with my job it is an absolute must that my everyday footwear offer just as much support and cushion as my running shoes, and yet still look stylish. This shoe fits the bill! 

All in all, the Guide 15 has checked all my boxes and is a near ideal combination of being lightweight, offers a smooth flexible ride, great protective cushion, effective yet unobtrusive support, and looks damn good too.

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